Civil Litigation Lawyer: Harassment Restraining Order

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Harasment Restraining OrdersOver the years, I’ve unfortunately had clients in desperate need of Harassment Restraining Orders to protect them from unwanted contact from ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, co-workers, etc..

I remember one in particular, the young lady’s name was “Holly” and her supervisor “Mr. Oaks,” or was it “Mr. Oates,” – anyway, he was constantly asking her to go out for drinks, or to go to dinner. Holly did not appreciate Mr. Oates’ advances. She told him so, but he persisted. She was worried about reporting the matter to her office’s HR director, because she feared retaliation from Mr. Oates.

During Holly’s free thirty minute consultation, she told me that Mr. Oates’ at first started leaving her notes with small gifts like roses or chocolates. She showed me one of the notes, and it read:

Look into my private eyes
they’re watching you
they see your every move
Oh, Holly, my private eyes
they’re watching you

Things escalated quickly from there. Mr. Oates started parking next to her in the parking lot and then follower her with his car. When he showed up and parked across the street from her home, she called the police, and although the police told Holly that, “It’s a civil matter. He’s not actually committing a crime. You should talk with a lawyer.”

Holly documented each incident of harassment when she talked with me. By detailing Mr. Oates conduct with specificity, I helped Holly get a Harassment Restraining Order barring Mr. Oates from any kind of contact with Holly and from coming within 300 feet from her home, work, and even in public places. She’s protected from Mr. Oates, who lost his job, and the police now have the ability to arrest Mr. Oates if he comes near Holly again in violation of the Harassment Restraining Order.

Now the police are watching him…
they see his every move.

Holly now has real protection under the law. That’s a good result. Sound advice. Fairly priced. Hoffman, Hamer & Associates, PLLC.

All characters in this story are purely fictitious and for illustration only. If you find yourself in a similar situation as Holly, pickup the phone and call (507) 332-4001 for a free 30 minute consultation or use our online request form 24/7.