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Civil Litigation encompasses boundary line disputes, collections, contractual disputes,  and tenant issues. Please contact our law office with questions about your civil litigation or  incident.

Our civil litigation covers these practice areas.

Boundary Line

Boundary line disputes tend to be heated, nasty, and often expensive exchanges. It is a scenario no one ever sees coming, but once entangled, it is difficult to get out. Boundary line disputes almost always arise out of some sort of change on one of the properties. Sometimes it involves a neighbor moving. Often problems are discovered when someone wants to build an addition, erect a fence, or put in a swimming pool. Because boundary lines tend to be invisible, people often use subjective markers like trees or paths which can grow, shrink, or change over time. Often, the marker was not an exact reference point to begin with. Even paid surveyors often disagree as to the placement of the actual boundaries. However, minor variances can cost you thousands of dollars in property and property value. As such, it is important that you seek legal counsel immediately if you are confronted with boundary issue. It may also be a good idea to discuss real and perceived boundaries with neighbors, and especially new neighbors before a dispute arises.


Our office primarily represents creditors in reducing their claims to judgment and then assisting in the collection of said judgments using bank levies, garnishments, and other creditor remedies in a manner compliant with the Federal and Minnesota Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Contractual Disputes

The area of contracts law is one of the most misunderstood concepts amongst clients and the public in general. There are very specific laws, requirements, and remedies that attach to particular types of contractual arrangements. For instance, many people are confused about oral contracts and when they are binding. In general, and contrary to popular belief, oral contracts are binding in Minnesota in most circumstances. There are a number of specific exceptions however. Contract law is filled with these sorts of intricacies, and courts have very little patience for parties who are not versed in these matters. We at Hoffman Law Office will help you navigate these often confusing rules and explain your options in normal everyday language you will understand, not legalese.


We represent tenants in eviction actions, contract disputes, and rental deposit disputes. Minnesota law places strict procedural requirements upon landlords. When these laws are broken, you may be entitled to stay in your rental unit, get out of your lease, receive your deposit, or even recover punitive damages. If you think your landlord has wrongfully evicted you, provided an unlivable condition, or wrongfully kept some or all of your rental deposit, call the experienced attorneys at Hoffman Law Office.

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