Who’s Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Southern Minnesota?

Minnesota personal injury lawyerJohn Hamer, is our personal injury attorney. John has had a lot of strict liability dog bite cases recently.

He met with the parents of a young girl named “Carly” to talk about a horrendous dog bite case resulting in severe facial scarring and nerve damage. During their free thirty minute consultation, Carly’s parents shared with John that:

She just went to pet him

That dog went CRAZY

We thought the worst

It might be RABIES

It’s hard to look right

At our BABY

With scars and numbness

Permanent damage MAYBE

John counseled Carly’s parents that: Minnesota has strict liability for injuries caused by dog bites, and that he would work hard to get damages for Carly’s injuries now and in the future.

John went to work, and the case settled quickly and favorably.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, at work or biten by the neighbor’s dog, call attorney John Hamer at 507-332-4001 or use our contact form 24 hours a day.

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Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional and used for illustrative purposes only.