Minnesota Estate Planning Document Price List

All estate planning documents are prepared on a flat fee basis, which includes consultation time, signing time, and revisions built into the price. Unlike most estate planning attorneys, we do not bill separately for consultation time, signing time, and revisions. Prices do not include recording or filing fees.

Power of Attorney $75
Health Care Directive $75
Single Person / Single Parent Will $175
Estate Planning Package (includes Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Will) $250/individual or $500/couple
Complex Will $300 – $400
Complex Pour-Over Will with Trust Provisions $300 – $400
Revocable Trust $750 – $1000
Specialty Trust (Special Needs Trust, Supplemental Needs Trust, etc.) $750 – $1000
Revocation of Power of Attorney $75
Affidavit of Attorney-in-Fact $75
Affidavit of Trustee $75
Certificate of Trust $75
Trustee's Deed $75
Transfer on Death Deed $75
Affidavit of Identity and Survivorship $75
Affidavit of Collection (Small Estate Administration) $75

Our estate planning practice encompasses all aspects of your life and unique family situations.